Project 365: Week 1 & 2

"There's some good left in the world Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for." 

This year I'm starting a few projects, one of them being a photo a day. I already do take photos every day, but this is specifically to grow more in my photography and learn to see life differently around me... to see the deeper beauty of it. 

Week 1


Week 2


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Sham of the Perfect: 2017

 Our intent is to tear down the sham of perfection shown in more idyllic work and present life, parenthood, families, childhood, and home as it actually is; full of flaws and full of beauty simultaneously. -Sham of the Perfect


2017 marked my first year being a part of the amazing ladies of Sham of the Perfect. This project has helped me grow in so many ways... the ladies in the group are super supportive and awesome cheerleaders for each other in photography but also in life and all the messiness that goes along with that! Here's to starting year two for 2018! Follow along with us this year! And in the mean time... here's a gallery of my contributions to the project from 2017. 

This project fit so well with me because it's how I love to document my family... the crazy and messy and beautiful all rolled into one! 

I'd love to chat with you about how I can be your family's documenter of the crazy too! 


What is Documentary and Storytelling Photography?

Sometimes I sit and think of all the memories I've made and smile. Then I smile even more at the thought of memories yet to be made. -Unknown

south carolina family documentary storytelling photography

What is my photography style?

My style can be called "storytelling" or even "documentary. 

Documentary photography is sort of like photojournalism.  It's meant to tell a story.

It captures the details of life that are sometimes missed.

south carolina family documentary storytelling photography

My style is a chance to capture the real. The funny. The quirky. And sometimes the raw emotions of a moment.

It seeks to capture the relationships of the people in the photos.

It helps preserve the things you will forget.

It triggers memories that might be forgotten, because they seemed so small, but when you see the photos of them, they rush back in like a flood of emotion.

Documentary and storytelling photography captures the beauty of every day.

It captures the real deep love between people, because it's not forced.  It's not posed. It's FELT.

South carolina family documentary storytelling photography

Storytelling photography catches all those in between moments that you want so deeply to tuck away in your mind and heart and never let go of.  Those times we say we'll never forget, but when we look back, they're so distant.

It gets to go deeper. 

south carolina family documentary storytelling photography.jpg

Deeper into your lives and your families and your homes and your love for each other and helps you remember the things you don't want to forget. 

south carolina family documentary storytelling photography

I absolutely love making images of my family, documenting our stories on a daily basis. And I'm really excited to do that for other families, because YOUR STORY IS BEAUTIFUL AND IMPORTANT! 

I don't want you to ever forget the "everyday" of life. I create images to pull you back into those memories, years down the road, when you pull out your old photo albums. 

Let's start the conversation about how I can help you capture those memories today! 

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