Calling an audible: The Billy Graham Library - SC Documentary Photography

"Children will learn far more by watching than listening." -Billy Graham

A little while back we decided to call an audible on our day and pack up the truck for a trip up the road a ways to the Billy Graham Library

If you live ANYWHERE within traveling distance, you need to go visit this place at some point. BONUS... it's FREE! WHAT?!

For real though... we read a story about Billy Graham in our curriculum and I thought we should bring it to life a little and take the dudes to see some of his life.

The boys saw stuff. Lots of stuff. 

Photos and videos of hard times in history. 

But they also saw amazing things too... like this huge replica of the cross and crown of thorns. If you look down in the bottom corner you can spot a little dude and as I snapped the photo The Hubs and I walked over and he looked up at us with his beautiful childlike innocent faith and said "I had no idea how much it must have hurt him." Sometimes we just need to see things for them to make sense. 

They saw images and displays and videos of things that were so real and raw and truth, but so very good for them to see. 

THIS is one of the main reasons we've chosen to homeschool right now... so that we can expose them to the world and all it's brokenness and beauty. 

billy graham library-15.jpg

Life doesn't happen just at home... you're making memories wherever you go! 

Send me a little note and we can chat about how I can go along on your next family adventure and capture those memories, like the ones we were able to on our little trip!