A 6 year old boy's best birthday party ever

"Carry the spirit of a child. Just keep getting really excited about things and see the world as massive and unending in inspiration, color, and dreams, and spread those sparks around so everyone is on fire too because wonder is a contagious burning thing that fuels adulthood like the slingshot of an arrow. The rush it brings." -Victoria Erickson

A few months ago our oldest turned 6. SIX. I now understand why all the moms want to stop time in its tracks. 

Six means big kid. And a little toddler walking around laughing can't be six... because he's still supposed to be that little toddler walking around causing a ruckus. 

Watching him grow into an amazingly deep and thoughtful young man has been one of the best things about life.  My men truly are my favorite people, and spending the days with them is a privilege that I hope to cherish fully. 

Happy (late) Birthday Big Bro. Never stop being awesome. 

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