Visiting the pond

A few weeks ago (back when it was Fall here in the South) we went on a trek down to "our" pond. It's not ours... its attached to our neighborhood, but the neighborhood put a green space beside it for us to use. A lot of the time we go down to let the dog swim because she loves it and it's easy getting her energy out! This time, we went to try to get out of a funk we were in with school stuff and heart stuff and attitude stuff.  Sometimes we just need to remember to GET OUTSIDE and it makes things so much better! 

Homeschooling is awesome... most days. Sometimes it can feel stifling, especially for introverted mamas (or dads too for that matter). But just because we get bogged down in something doesn't mean we need to be done with it (I'm preaching to myself.)  Sometimes we just need a change of pace... a reminder of why we do things in the first place.

I'd love to photograph some other homeschool families during their day! Contact me if you're one of them, or if you know one, and we can chat about how we can make that happen!