Exploring Savannah, GA.

I like this place, and I could willingly waste my time in it. -Shakespeare

A while back we got to go on another #adventureswithclarkandgriswold to beautiful Savannah, Ga. The Hubs and I had not been there, and people kept telling us how much we'd love it. So we decided to make it an adventure and take the boys along.

Our first stop was to the UGA Aquarium on Skidaway Island... One of the things we always look for is cheap. Sometimes we get some weird spots and kind of sketchy spots, but this place was great! There were tons of aquarium type exhibits, and long trails to go exploring. 

When we travel, we do count a lot of what we're seeing as science and history, but we also try to keep up with what we call our "table work." We look for spots where we can go exploring, but also have time to come and hang out at the campsite too. We stayed at Skidaway Island State Park... we loved it and I'm sure we'll be going back some day! 

Next up was downtown Savannah, walking around, shopping, and eating. Our favorite restaurant was a place called The Pirate's House. So good! 

While in downtown Savannah we decided to explore the Railroad Museum. We were the ONLY ONES, so we got a personal tour and the tour guide let us do tons of stuff we weren't "supposed to be doing but nobody is here to see it." She was fun! 

We made a last minute decision to go see the cannon being fired at Old Fort Jackson... on the coldest day... along the riverfront. The tour guide REALLY LIKED HIS JOB and talked for 45 MINUTES while we froze... just because we wanted to see the cannon. At the time we didn't think it was funny... now we do. Even the boys will say "remember that guy that talked for EVER?!" 

Our last stop was the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Driving up we felt like we were driving into the scene of Jurassic Park. Then we pulled into the main building parking lot and were even more creeped out... it was an old asylum at one point, center for disease control to study typhoid, and lots more. Weird. But kind of cool. 

Then we went out on the trails to see the animals. As we were walking along we realized that the place wasn't weird... it was just very different than any kind of zoo we had ever been to. It probably became the highlight of our trip! A definite must see! 

Finally, as Daddy was loading up the camper, the boys wanted to go to the ranger station to turn in their Junior Ranger books to get their patches, and we found the rangers up in an orange tree, picking oranges. Pretty neat way to end our trip! 

The Hubs and I loved it so much we said we definitely needed to go back, just us, so we could take a little more time in each spot and explore more. All in all a great trip and cool little city!