Do you have a big fancy camera but have no idea how to use it? Maybe you see things and think "man, that would make a great photo" but don't know how to make the magic happen. Maybe you'd like to get better photos of your kids or grandkids. Or maybe you just want to know what all those buttons mean on your camera, or  what lens to purchase next and why. 

Coffee & Cameras is a beginner, intro to photography workshop, that I think you'll love!  We'll spend the morning chatting about cameras & photography, get some hands on experience with actual shooting together, see tons of visual examples and Q&A until your heart is happy and your brain is full.  


Who is this workshop for?

Anybody! For real. Ladies, Dudes, Teenagers, Moms, Dads, whoever! If you want to learn more about photography and need to know just the basics for now, this is for you! 


What to expect

This workshop is limited to a small number of attendees so we can get together and get some good chats and hands on, with quality time spent on each attendee. 

Here's some things we'll be discussing: 

1. Camera Types... because OMG there are so many! 

2. All Those Buttons... Do they all have a use?

3. Memory Cards... those tiny little things that can hold all the goods! 

4. Lenses... and why it's so fun to use different ones!

5. Exposure: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed... AKA, get your camera OFF OF AUTO!

6. White Balance... how to not look like Oompa Loompa Orange in the photos. 

7. Using Your Light Meter... learn to find the good light!


When and Where

Next date TBD in Spring 2017



$75  for 3 hours of class plus all materials included

What to bring to the class

Yourself and a fun attitude! Of course, you'll need a camera, a DSLR would ROCK. However, if your camera has a "manual" mode and isn't fully DSLR, you can totally come learn the basics of photography.. then you'll be ready to upgrade to that "big camera" you've been dreaming of!  Last thing, you'll need to make sure your battery is fully charged + an empty memory card. Or bring extras just in case! 

What you'll get

There will be coffee and treats to fuel us through the morning. You'll also get a copy of the Photography Workshop workbook and a handy dandy little pocket guide that fits in your camera bag. 

There also may or may not be a some fun door prizes... just saying. They're kind of awesome. 

What this workshop is not...

This is the basics of photography... the topics listed above. A "part 2" course will be offered early 2017 that will dive further into the bigger concepts of photography.

I won't be talking about running a photography business, just the steps to learn how to take better photos.

We won't talk about post processing or editing in this workshop... that's going to be in "part 2" later on. 

We won't be talking about studio lighting or backdrops or anything like that. Mainly because I don't use them or know much about them! My style is documentary, and I hope to help you see the beauty in that too! 

Learn the rules like a PRO so you can break them like an ARTIST.
— pablo picasso

Ready to sign up? 

Space is limited, so don't wait too long! If the workshop seats run out, you can contact me to be placed on a waiting list for the next workshop, OR chat with me about hosting your own workshop! 

Have any questions? Contact me and we can chat! 

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