January Weekending

I think as creatives we all need something to keep our creative energy fueled. Sometimes photography feels a little “blah” and I need to do something different. Making films isn’t THAT different, but it’s just different enough to get me excited to create!

I decided to invest in some videography courses, and currently I’m working though Ianthe Berkeley’s Creating Time Capsules course. I’ve documented our family with photography for a long time… now I’m excited to learn how to incorporate films too. My goal is to create at least one film a month… maybe more. We’ll see! It’s going to be funny to see how I grow over time… I hesitate to share my first films, but we all have to start somewhere right?!

For January, I decided to just document a normal weekend for us… nothing spectacular, just house building stuff, shopping, hanging out, resting, and finishing up on the last little bits of school stuff we didn’t get to through the week.

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