Hello there! 

I'm Meg. I heart photography. 

I love capturing REAL, DAY IN AND DAY OUT, MESSY, CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL LIFE in photographs. 

I love telling stories about the world around me through my photographs, especially the seemingly mundane daily life of family and love and friends and anything that is real and normal and part of the life we all live. 

Sometimes we forget to let every little memory seep into our souls. 

That's what photos do for me. They make me FEEL the memories. When I look back at our old family albums I am transported back in space and time to the actual moment happening. I know the sights, sounds, and smells. I'm drawn back into the memories. Especially the ones I forget to remember. 

I want my family to be able to FEEL their memories this way. 

And I also want YOU to be able to look back on your story and feel the memories. This is what I do. I help people document their stories. Their memories. Their lives. 

That's my goal. 

To help you see the value of documenting your life.