Coffee & Cameras: Intro to Photography Workshop

Do you have a big fancy camera but have no idea how to use it? Maybe you see things and think "man, that would make a great photo" but don't know how to make the magic happen. Maybe you'd like to get better photos of your kids or grandkids. Or maybe you just want to know what all those buttons mean on your camera, or  what lens to purchase next and why. 

Coffee & Cameras is a beginner, intro to photography workshop, that I think you'll love!  We'll spend the morning chatting about cameras & photography, get some hands on experience with actual shooting together, see tons of visual examples and Q&A until your heart is happy and your brain is full.  

Interested? Click on over to the workshop page for more info or to go ahead and sign up! 

And if you want to, grab the image below to share on any social media platform you like! That would ROCK! 

I hope you can come! I'd love to see you there! 

Meg PittsComment