Hanging out with other artist friends

brown family session-76.jpg

Working with like minded creative people is always fun for me. 

And having them be your friends is a plus! One night over dinner at this sweet family's house we were talking about art and how we all have our own styles and how cool that is. The dad of this fun family is a painter, as well as a photographer, so we chatted about how I loved documentary photography, and they decided they were totally on board with this style and had me come back and do a session with them.

I love these people and their sweet kiddos... and I know my kids share the love of their kids too! 

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Documentary photography as a way to do family sessions is so easy for you! All you have to do is be yourself! I just come hang out for a couple hours and document you guys being you! 

Contact me today to start chatting about how your family can experience this fun new way of documenting your memories!