Adding to the tribe - South Carolina Documentary Family Photography

Sometimes I go into family documentary sessions and I watch in awe as the family does their thing. I'm especially in awe of larger families and how their relationships mesh together. 

This session had me laughing a ton, and realizing that we're all alike. Our kids love each other to pieces, but sometimes pick on each other relentlessly.  When it's tough, we just keep on going, realizing that life is full of seasons. That new babies are amazing and sweet and cuddly, but life doesn't stop when they join in the family. 

And this family does it so well. Plus, their mama has crazy awesome patience and kindness that I just want to soak up and learn from! 

south carolina documentary and storytelling photography

I'd love to come document your family's daily life! We all have stories, and it's always changing!

Don't wait too long... this season will be over soon. Let me help you capture these memories now, before they're gone. Contact me for more info!