Feeding the Horses: Lexington SC Family Storytelling Photography

"A walk down a country road is good for body, heart, and soul." Unknown


I love going into people's homes and lives and getting to see the real life, every day parts.  Like this family... mama wanted some pretty images of a daily routine they do where they go out and feed their horses. No, they don't always get all pretty and shiny to go out and feed them, but sometimes it's fun to get all dressed up and feel nice. 

When I got there, I walked into this scene... and anyone with toddlers knows it all too well. Nakedness is the way to go according to the tiny people. Clothing optional. Awesome. 

While not every family gets to live on a beautiful horse farm like these guys, I strongly believe EVERYBODY'S life and home is beautiful. Would you trust me to make that a reality for you and help you see the crazy beautiful life you live?

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