Saturday Mornings in the City - Charlotte, NC Couples Storytelling Session

"I think it's sweet when he puts his hand on my back if we're just standing in a line or walking around." -Katie


You know those people who you can go for lots of time not connecting because LIFE HAPPENED and then when you do re-connect it's like you never left? That's these people.

When we were in college, Grey's Anatomy had just come out, and we'd have "Grey's watching parties" and she was my person.  And then we met our Josephs and married them and moved away and what in the world it's been 10 whole years since then! 

I was super excited when she asked about me driving up to her city and doing a session of them doing their normal Saturday morning walk around the city. I asked them what they normally did around the city and they told me all about how they "like to take the lynx into the city... head to Romare Bearden Park with a great view of the skyline. There is a "piano" in the ground and who doesn't love stepping on that?!..." From there they visit a fun restaurant..."Coco & the Director is a new place for us. We've only been once, but it was pretty neat. They have stadium seating where you can bring your work or just to hang out."

When I asked them why they wanted to do this type of session they told me "We haven't had photos taken of us since our engagement/wedding and we've grown a lot (more like aged haha) since then." 

So often we only think about the big events in life and forget to celebrate the normal Saturdays with the people we love most. I'm so thankful to have been able to capture this for Katie and Joseph as they grow further into their marriage... because Saturdays may not always look like this but they'll always be beautiful because it's THEIR LIFE! 

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