Host A Coffee + Cameras Workshop

Do you have a big fancy camera that you still have on Auto... not knowing how to use it to it's full potential? 

coffee and cameras

Want to learn more about it, all while hanging out with friends and having coffee and snacks?

"Why YES Meg, tell me more!" ;) 

Here's where my intro to photography workshop called Coffee & Cameras comes in... you can get all the details about what it is, and what to expect in the workshop. 

But you may not always be able to make the next scheduled class... what then?!

Why not HOST YOUR OWN WORKSHOP! If you gather 5 of your friends who would like to attend the workshop with you, all you need to do is host it either at your house or another location, provide the coffee & snacks, and make sure everyone shows up! Then, the day of the workshop, I'll simply come in and lead you all through the course! 

Simple right?! 

But wait. What do you get out of it? 

You get your class for FREE! Hey-O! Just for getting at least 5 of your friends together to hang out and learn about cameras! You hang out with them anyway... why not learn something in the process?! 

Don't forget to check out the Coffee + Cameras page where you can find out all about the course, and then contact me to find out more about getting YOUR workshop date on the calendar!