Riding Lessons - Everyday Adventures

"All good things are wild and free..." Henry David Thoreau

A few weeks ago I was asked to accompany  these sweet girls out to their weekly riding lessons to document their time with their horses and their teacher. 

Seeing them with their horses was so fun! And knowing these girls and how much they love each other, it's cool to see how they interact with each other to get their jobs done, sometimes playfully picking on each other, sometimes helping each other selflessly. 

Watching them work with their horses was inspiring... and I hope they can use these photos to remember a special time in their childhood as they were learning to ride. 

Do you have something special that you do right now? Sports, a fun hobby, or simply a weekly outing with your family?

I'd love to photograph the time for you, so you can have a tangible way to see those memories! Contact me today to find out more about documentary photography and how I'd love to work with you!