Why I love this image: Changing the oil

"If you only knew how much these little moments with you mattered to me." -unknown

Pitts April 29.jpg

I'm starting a new series, more of a type of visual journal, called "Why I love this image." 

Sometimes they may not be "technically" perfect images, but I still love them. I feel like with your own photography, you kind of learn the rules so that you can become better, but sometimes you either don't remember all the rules, OR you intentionally break them to get the art you're trying to create. 

When I was making this image, I was thinking a few things. 1. I wanted to expose correctly so that the bright white concrete in the background didn't overpower what was going on in the image, 2. I really wanted the focal point to be on the oil spilling out, and 3. simply trying to tell the story in the frame. 

Originally when I edited it I shared it with my Sham of the Perfect friends, just to see if they could even tell what was going on in the image. After some encouragement that you could see what was happening, I decided to submit it for my weekly contribution to the project. 

As I was making this image, I wasn't thinking about where I could submit it. All I was thinking about was that my husband was teaching my boys how to change the oil in his big ole diesel engine. It was more about preserving that memory... not about it being a share worthy image. 

As photographers who are also moms, it's hard sometimes to sift through "quality images" and those that are just beautiful to us. With my personal images, I tend to lean more toward allowing for technical mistakes as long as I've captured a snippet of the scene so I can look back on it in years to come and be transported back to that specific day. 

I know when The Hubs and I look at this series of oil changing images in years to come, we'll remember the day, the smells, the rain pouring down outside, and the way the boys walked around a little more puffed up and manly after helping their dad change the oil. 

I absolutely love documenting our family this way, and it would be an honor to spend time with your family to capture some of your "everyday normal" reality! Contact me today to start the conversation!