Find the Everyday Art: January 2019

"Art should be something that liberates your soul." -Keith Haring


We’ve been to our zoo many many times. And somehow we’ve missed a whole little play area off to the side of one of the exhibits.

There’s a wall of honeycombs that we’re not super sure what they’re supposed to be, other than things to climb on and jump off of… which my boys took to instantly. I’m sure the other parents in the area were thinking “they’re totally going to break something.”

Believe me… I think this on a daily basis. But I have to let them explore the world.. yeah, they’ll probably get hurt, but what’s the fun of staying safe all the time?

During one of the jumps, I walked in close and captured the little feet. To me, this is one of those images as a mom that I’ll look at and it will transform me back to the time when he was still a little boy, but growing up so fast in little bits every single minute of the day.

There’s beauty in seeing your kids growing up into the little people they’re going to be…

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