Why I love this image: A Seven Year Old Boy's Desk

"The child has a different relation to his environment from ours...the child absorbs it. The things he sees are not just remembered, they form part of his soul. He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear." Maria Montessori 


Many times I often think that God chuckles when he sees our little family and how he knew it would be pretty funny sometimes. 

This kid... the extreme extrovert who NEEDS ALL THE PEOPLE, who collect ALL THE THINGS, and keeps EVERY SINGLE MEMORY in his head. He's the opposite from me in a lot of ways, which is the funny part. He got a mom who needs to be NOT near all the people a lot, who has a habit of "accidentally" throwing stuff away, and has to take photos to remember things. We have a ton in common too though, like how he sees beauty in so much of the world, what The Hubs calls a "purist." I've been called that a time or two also. 

When I see his desk sometimes it makes me cringe, as I'm not a clutter person. But then I look at all the things he's got up there and each one is important to him in their own way, and it makes me love him even more. I didn't know that was possible. 

This is part of a series, more of a type of visual journal, called "Why I love this image." 

Sometimes they may not be "technically" perfect images, but I still love them. I feel like with your own photography, you kind of learn the rules so that you can become better, but sometimes you either don't remember all the rules, OR you intentionally break them to get the art you're trying to create. 

I absolutely love documenting our family this way, and it would be an honor to spend time with your family to capture some of your "everyday normal" reality! Contact me today to start the conversation!