How to: Post Images and Videos in Full Resolution on Facebook

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you post photos on Facebook they're not great looking? 

Most professional photographers and bloggers already know this trick... but what about those of us who may now know everything there is to know about technology and social media?

I know it took me way longer than I would like to admit to figure this little tidbit of info out... so I thought there might be a few other people like me out there who just need a little visual of how to actually do it...

Here's how to upload photos and videos you've either taken with your phone or saved on your phone: 


1. Open the Facebook app..

Scroll down to Settings and click it. 


2. Click Account  Settings


3. Click Videos and Photos


4. Toggle buttons to "green"

Make sure both Video and Photo Upload HD are both toggled to green.

That's it! Super simple!

And now other people will see your images and videos in all their full resolution glory!! 

BONUS TIP: When you're scrolling through and see videos on Facebook, make sure you click the little gear button in the lower right hand corner so YOU can see the video in it's full HD quality.  

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