Legit Smitty Graduates: Columbia S.C. Family Documentary and Storytelling Photography

Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected. -unknown

jake smith-48.jpg

There are people in this world you just need to meet. Legit Smitty is one of them.

He’s one of the “kids” that you get to know and think that there actually IS good in this next generation coming up.

It’s also really fun for me to see how other people use their creativity… and this guy is super creative.

Where that creativity is going to take him in life, we’ll just have to wait and see. But it’s going to be awesome!

You can find him over on Instagram, Youtube, and Songlink.

Senior sessions, especially for guys, can seem super scary. But when we shoot them with a documentary and storytelling style, we get to really highlight WHO that person is and WHAT they LOVE doing, in their own homes or places they feel truly themselves.

I love documenting real lives and the way we live them, and senior sessions are a great way to capture some great memories of your kid, before they head off into the big wide world.

Contact me to chat some more about it! I’d love to meet you!