New Products: 4x6 Proof Prints


This is a little view of what I like to call "print day" at our house. The days when my big print orders arrive. PARTY TIME! The boys love to sift through them and talk about each and every memory as we slip them into their albums.

These are the photos of our every day... the daily snapshots that tell the stories of our lives. 

I have learned over the years the incredible value of printing my photos. I actually probably go a little bit overboard and print every single image I edit and keep. I display them all over our house, but the thing I do with most of them is storing them in big albums. 

So because I see so much value in holding my images in my hands, and also seeing my kids and others flipping through those albums reminiscing... I am now including a set of 4x6 proof prints of all your sessions images! 

Starting in 2018, your initial session fee will include a full set of 4x6 proof prints you'll get to actually HOLD and flip through during our super fun viewing party! 

I know you're wondering about the digital files... and yes, I do see the desire to have those as well. The thing is though, so often I hear from clients and other photographers how those images just get left on the computers or USB drives and NEVER GET PRINTED. 

And to be honest, that makes my heart hurt some! Those images were created to SHOWCASE your life and memories, and you don't want them to be hidden somewhere in the dark abyss of file folders on your computer! NO! GET THOSE IMAGES DISPLAYED!

Because my goal is to truly help you REMEMBER those memories... I don't want you to only have a USB drive. I want you to have beautiful images you can hold in your hands and actually SEE displayed in your homes!

Have no fear though... I still offer all of your session's digital files on a custom USB drive for an additional cost. Because, like I said, I get it! I would want the safety of knowing I had access to all my images on my computer and not have to bug my photographer every time I wanted to print more images. So while we'll meet up and go through your image gallery and talk about all the print options, you will still have access to your digital images if you choose to purchase them. And don't forget your custom built keepsake album to really tell the full story of your session!

Check out my investment page to read up on more of the details.

I'm super excited to start chatting with you about your session and all of my current package offerings! I know you'll be thrilled with your session and images so much that we'll have a blast choosing which products will be perfect for you! 

Ready to get the ball rolling on your storytelling session?

Meg Pitts