Photography for me is art. It's my way of capturing the beauty in the life around me. It all started for me with capturing my life, my family. Then it morphed into desperately trying to remember the details that we so often forget. Eventually I realized that my photography is a way to remember the things that go on day in and day out, and it preserves the stories of our lives, in all it's crazy beautiful messiness. Even down to the smallest detail. -Meg


Be in the moment, and in the memory. 

Photos are some of the ways we can stay connected to our memories. So often, if you are the photographer in your family or friend group, you forget to have yourself in the photos. How will you be remembered for generations to come? We have to remember we need to be IN the photos too! Think about all those hours spent pouring over old family photo albums, wondering who the people in the photos were and what they were like. What if those people weren't in the photos? Would you know them? We tend to think in terms of now... but we should think about the future too! When we're growing up, getting married, having kids, sending them off to college, empty nesting, becoming grandparents, and so on. As we move to each new stage we look back on the past and remember. Wouldn't it be precious to have photos to document those memories? But you need to be in them too! This is why it's so important to have someone else come and document your story, not just you. This is my passion... to help tell YOUR story and how it can be preserved for now and for future generations to marvel at. 



A huge goal of mine in documentary and storytelling photography is to show the relationships and emotional ties of the people in the frames. When I come into your home or on your adventure, I already know you some from the questionnaires you would have filled out. Then when we start the session I already have a feel for who you are and how you fit together. This allows me to capture the deep emotions and ties that form your relationships.



Another big goal I have in session is to document the details. The things we forget to remember. Like the way our kids toys were scattered on their bed and rooms all the time, even if it frustrated us. It's still part of the story. How the dishes were piled high in the sink, waiting to be washed, but you decided to read that second bedtime story. Even how the little smiles, and sometimes frowns, could turn your world upside down. These are the things we need help sometimes remembering!

Photography is the art of frozen time... the ability to store emotions and feelings inside a frame.


Storytelling Sessions.



 in Your home, your favorite place, or on an adventure 

Sessions are a multiple part process. First, we'll spend a few hours of us in your home or out and about doing daily errands or even a fun adventure, with me simply documenting your life while you do the actual fun of living it! After that, I get to go home and hand edit your beautiful images (which usually takes 30 days or less.)

Second, what I think is the super fun part... I get to meet up with you and have the big reveal! We'll find a fun coffee shop or you can even come over to my home (although you may want to bring a Nerf gun to arm yourself) or we can even have an online meetup and we get to go through your printed proof images IN YOUR HANDS and in an online gallery. You'll decide if you want the digital files, prints, an album, or ALL THE THINGS because you LOVE YOUR IMAGES SO STINKING MUCH.

Lastly, we can talk about extra prints and gift products too!  Then I'll get everything ordered and a few weeks after that you'll have gorgeous prints and products IN YOUR HANDS to flip through and admire forever!

Having prints in your hands to flip through is so important! Included in your session fee are 4x6 print proofs of all your session images. Professionally printed images, framed and displayed on the walls are the best way to enjoy your images. I also believe high quality, custom built heirloom albums are the best way to preserve these memories we've captured. Think about all those times flipping back through family photo albums, seeing all the framed images on the walls, reminiscing and laughing and hearing the stories and feeling the love you share. Prints and other products are offered at various pricing. 


The Session + Proof Prints | $350

personal phone or email planning session

a few hours of fun together for me to document your story

careful hand editing of your images

4x6 proof prints of all images

a fun image viewing party to explore product options

custom smartphone app to show off your images

*Session retainer fee of $150 due upon booking. Session balance of $200 due 48 hours before session date. Payment plans available. Please note that all fees are subject to SC Sales Tax laws. Contact me for full pricing and info. 


Choose Your Extras


*Check out the next section for prints info


*Your session comes with one of these, but additional boxes are great gifts!


All edited high resolution images available to download


A beautiful 10x10 custom built layflat keepsake album to showcase your images


For the times you just want to go all out because you LOVE YOUR IMAGES!! 


Celebrate your story with beautiful printed works of art.

I also strongly believe in quality printing of your photos. Think about all those times flipping back through family photo albums, reminiscing and laughing and hearing the stories.  Printing and framing your beautiful images is another way for you to remember. When I walk past all my framed images on my walls, I FEEL the memory all over again, I’m transported back to when it was taken. I don’t want my photos to stay on my computer, never to be enjoyed! Because of how important I feel it is to get those photographs in an album or printed, I offer professional quality lab printed, archival quality images. These beautifully framed Fuji Pro Prints can make an impact of emotion lining the walls of your home!

Fuji Pro Prints

5x7        $6

8x10      $10

11x14     $22

16x20     $54

 20x30     $80

 24x30     $110


Additional Albums: $300

Additional Display Box with Prints: $150

Gifts Certificates available in any amount.

*product & print pricing is plus tax per SC state law

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.
— Bruno Barbey

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