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Meg Pitts is a documentary & storytelling family photographer that strongly believes in capturing the beauty of real life images

in homes and on location.

Meg Pitts Photography is located in the Midlands area of South Carolina.

Also available for travel outside of South Carolina.   

Sometimes we forget to see the beauty of the real life going on around us.

Your life tells the story of YOU.  Sometimes it's kinda crazy. And beautiful. And if it's like my family's... it's kind of messy.

But it's YOURS. And it's not edited. It's not always (or ever really unless there were threats and bribes involved) "picture perfect" in matchy matchy outfits and smiling kids all hugging. 

Sometimes it's much more simple than that. Like pancakes on a Saturday morning. Grilling dinner out in the yard as the kids run around and the sun is setting. Adventures big and small, like grocery shopping with mom, or trips to the family cabin. 

No matter what it is, what you're doing day in and day out, there's beauty in that messy craziness. 

I love finding this crazy beauty in my normal, everyday life, and I want to help you find it in yours. 

Sometimes we forget to look past the "normal" and get caught up in the day to day. We "forget to remember" all the good stuff. I want to help you not forget. I want to help you look back on your images and really REMEMBER! Truly be back in time and FEEL the memory... remember what you were thinking, feeling, smelling, everything. THAT'S how to not forget. 


Are you ready to start seeing and remembering the beauty of your real life?