life is Crazy & Fun & Beautiful & full of stories.

And if you're like me, it's going by way too fast and you feel like you can't even remember if you fed the dog but HEY, the kids survived another day, and you call that a win!

Yet you desperately want to remember THIS time in your life, whether it's before kids and your only care in the world is where you're going to eat supper that night, or if it's a win for the the day because you kept ALL THE KIDS ALIVE, or if you FINALLY feel like the chaos is calming down but you feel kinda bummed that you don't have as many images of the kids before they’re headed off to college...

If you notice that the tiny details of every day, the ones that you worry about people finding out about, like how big your laundry pile is, or that look you give your kid when he's on your last nerve but then he smiles at you and you can’t help smiling back...

That those details are the ones that all together make up your lives and THOSE are the ones you want to remember...

Believe me, I'm right there with you. 

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