General Q&As.

Q. Who is the Meg Pitts you speak of?

A. Check out the Meet Meg  page or the Welcome page to learn more. 

Q. What's so special about documentary photography?

A. I love this style of photography because it lets you be you and captures real life in all it's crazy beautiful glory. There's nothing wrong with beautifully posed photos, but sometimes we forget to see the amazing stuff going on all around us. 

Q. Where do I find more info about packages and booking?

A. General info on packages I offer can be found here. If you have questions about anything, contact me and I'll get back to you ASAP! Once you contact me I will send you a Client Welcome Packet chock full of good stuff. 

Q.   I'm not sure I can afford this, but I want to do it! Do you offer payment plans?

A.  Sure! Contact me and we can figure out something that will work for you or your family. 

Q. What should I expect from a session?

A. I believe that the first time we get to know each other shouldn't be when I show up for your session. For that reason, I love to chat on the phone with you first about what you're looking for and why you love the idea of capturing your story. Then, I'll send you a fun questionnaire that you'll fill out and shoot back to me so that I can know you even better and also know what specific things to capture during the session. Then comes the session. Depending on what type of session, I'd come to your home and we'd hang out and get to know each other some, and you'll see that I'm just a normal person who isn't going to bother you by asking you to pose or do certain things. My job is to capture you being you! The time frame depends on the session type, but usually at least a couple hours are spent photographing. Then, when our time is over, I'll head home and start the editing process, which usually takes a few weeks. Once I'm done with that, we'll meet up somewhere so I can show you your images and talk about ordering prints or products. If you order any prints or products, I'll get to work on those and when they come back I get to present those to you as well! I hope our relationship doesn't stop there though! Life is continually changing and moving... let's do this again another time! 

Q. What should we wear for the session?

A. Whatever you want to! What do you normally wear during the time I'll be photographing you? The beauty of documentary photography is that I'm documenting YOU... not the dressed up version of you! 

Q. We're too boring for this kind of session.

A. That's not really a question! But think about it. Do you love the people in your family, who you spend day in and day out with? You guys have fun together! You play together. You eat together. You do LIFE together. And life is beautiful and so incredibly VALUABLE to document. Trust me. You're not boring. Let me help you see that! 

Q.  My house is a mess! My kids are a mess! What if chaos happens?

A. Real life is messy and crazy and full of beautiful moments. I get kids... believe me, I have some. But they're part of life and if it gets "interesting" I'll be right there in the moment, it won't phase me a bit. And I'm betting when you look back at those times, you'll laugh. We need to laugh more! And chaos is FUN! 

Q. Are you willing to travel?

A. Sure! I'm based in South Carolina, but I love to travel! I'd love to chat about where you are and additional fees associated with me traveling. 


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